Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome is increasingly being noticed in later life according to Waterford Psychology a national assessment service…   Aspergers Syndrome

Caroline  Goldsmith

People often think “I have managed up until now and I don’t need any help so why get a diagnosis now?” and “do I want to know if I have Aspergers Syndrome?”

This is a question that often comes up and the answer simply is that managing is not really living now is it?

Being able to get past things or get through the day or coping is less than the truly happy, content and fulfilled life you deserve.  The life you may see other people having and wonder why can’t that be me?

Getting into a program now can assist you to fulfil your dreams and goals and to gain inner peace and happiness.  You can get a rest from the constant turmoil of inner stress and never feeling that you are on top of life or that you have a value.

Anxiety drives thoughts to be always productive, measuring up and always on call which produces the stress you feel. Ruminating on such thoughts produces anxiety cycles.  Perhaps you never understood where those thoughts come from or you may think that everyone has them or that you are the only person who thinks like that.

Anxiety is often the driving factor that makes people think of getting an assessment as they know that the Anxiety is a symptom and not the whole picture.

If you stop and look up you will see that you have an amazing amount of productivity in various avenues that probably gives everyone around you a lot of satisfaction and help but you don’t feel the benefit of it.

Diagnosis is the start of the rest of your life which can be lived in a much more self satisfying and content way with interventions that come after the diagnostic process.

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