Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist Qualifications

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Caroline has studied at the Open University UK, University of East London UK, Trinity College Dublin, CMIT Institute Dublin and The National Academy of Neuropsychology USA.  She specialises in Autism assessment, diagnosis and intervention. Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist Qualifications

Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist Qualifications

Adult dispute resolution and counselling is a further passion which Caroline Goldsmith has psychologist qualifications to address. The client list has grown by referral over several years. What is more important for this type of intervention is to build a trusting and comforting space for couples to feel at ease to share their difficulties. While the impartial observer is keeping things on track and working towards a conclusion that serves the interests of both parties.

Child Diagnosis 

When dealing with child diagnosis it is important to make sure that the child has the most appropriate intervention. Diagnosis is key to making a good  intervention report in order to achieve long term best outcomes. Parents do not just want to know whats wrong but need to know how to intervene to fix it.

Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist Qualifications


Training is an on going part of any psychologists career.  Also training others who come along and are upcoming in the profession. The train the trainer course is an excellent course for those wanting to get into training. the focus is on making sure that the objectives of the training are absorbed by the learner according to the learning style of the audience. Over the length of the course the trainers are schooled in the four learning styles of Honey a & Mumford (2000),  LSQ – Activist, Theorist, Reflector and Pragmatist. Often run by town and city chambers of commerce the courses run for 5 or 8 days. Caroline Goldsmith training qualifications are that she completed the 8 day course with the Waterford chamber of commerce.

Publishing articles, reports and book chapters

Peer review is the gold standard of academic publishing.  Caroline has may articles, reviews conference papers and a best selling children’s book to her credit.

Caroline would love to hear from you if you feel that what you have read makes you feel that you can work together. To get to a place where you need to be

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