Private Autism Assessments

Private Autism Assessments – what are my options?

If you have been on a state waiting list for a while you may be considering Private Autism Assessments. So what can you expect from this process?

Private Autism Assessments assess if your child has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This could help you discover what services your child needs and make a plan to get them in place.

Speech delay is not always an indication of ASD as it could also be just a delay (from which they could catch up). So look out for what we would call communicative intent. This is where your child may not communicate with speech but they are eager to interact and make you understand what they need and want you to take notice of them. In the assessment there are certain tools that will help to differentiate what is a delay and what could be related to an ASD. Some parents fret that this wont be taken into consideration.  But it will and the assessment tools used to differentiate nowadays are very sensitive.

The assessor will be looking out for habits and compulsions and obsessions and will ask about those and observe any that are seen in the assessment.  There will be toys and activities to try and see how they play with those and their reactions to sharing fun and enjoyment.

Social skills and mixing and interacting with other children will be also asked about and its important to give as accurate a picture as you can because this is a big part of what the intervention report will focus on so its good to know what your child’s needs are.

Before private autism assessments and after you will have many questions so we are happy to chat with you and explain the process step by step so it is not overwhelming.

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Private Autism Assessments

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