Organised Chaos Female Male Aspergers

Organised Chaos Female Male Aspergers


Caroline Goldsmith is a psychologist in private practice with over 30 experience of neurodiversity (15 as a professional). She talks here about Organised Chaos Female Male Aspergers.

One trait we hear of often is that of messy rooms and living spaces of people with Aspergers. It was assumed that they are supposed to be fixated on having things in their right places.

Well here is the news; they are often fixated with having things in their right places but those right places as the neurodiverse person sees are to have things where only they know where it is! Hence the term organised chaos. Their living spaces often look chaotic. However they have a fair idea where they can lay their hands on what they need. If not then it’s most likely because ‘someone moved it’

Neurodiverse people tend to be blitz cleaners rather than daily maintaining order and tidying up. This means the notion will suddenly take them to clear the area and enact the kind of order. where one could do surgery in the room or space. Then over time things fall back to the organised chaos again.

If you live with a neurodiverse person it is important to bear in mind that they suffer from enough inner and self criticism without being constantly reminded that they are messy or untidy. Which is a subjective opinion by the way.

There is nothing wrong in this kind of living organisation and the worst thing a neurotypical can do is to step in and blitz it themselves. Although it may be interesting to read up on Martha Stewart’s cleaning methods its not going to happen for a neurodiverse person so just accept that they need their own space where they can go and find themselves if nothing else.

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