ADHD Psychology Assessment Caroline Goldsmith

ADHD Psychology Assessment Caroline Goldsmith

ADHD Psychology Assessment Caroline Goldsmith
ADHD Psychology Assessment Caroline

Does your child struggle to concentrate? Have you noticed them struggle to focus or control their impulses? Do they find managing their emotions or time hard? Do they focus very hard on one thing, or struggle to sit still? If so, they could have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Requiring an ADHD psychology assessment Caroline Goldsmith 

The critical thing to remember with ADHD is that it is not a personal failing or behaviour problem. Also, telling the child to keep still or work harder isn’t going to help either. In fact, un-managed ADHD can significantly impact the lives of the children that live with it. In particular, it can negatively affect their ability to succeed at school and in their career and hinder their ability to manage their daily lives. It can even erode their self-worth and make it harder to make friends.  

The good news is that there are ways to manage ADHD successfully. In fact, having good help early on can make a world of difference and significantly reduce that the disorder has on your child’s life.

Therefore, if you are concerned for your child, you may wish to talk to a professional like Caroline Goldsmith, one of Ireland’s leading clinical psychologists, regarding qualifications and experience. Caroline is a professional well equipped to help you and your child through the ADHD assessment process.

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In particular, Caroline recommends first booking a screening appointment to confirm whether your child needs a full ADHD assessment. It is possible there is some other disorder or no issue requiring intervention  The advantage of doing a screen before the full assessment is two-fold. Firstly, it will save everyone involved time. While secondly, a screening costs only 85 euros, meaning you won’t have to pay out for a full test unless there is a strong chance your child is struggling with ADHD. 

Take the first step to support your child today by calling Caroline Goldsmith at Waterford Psychology for screening or assessment on 087 387 6841 or email info@waterford









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