Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist – Davos 2020

Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist – Davos 2020

I was happy to be able to attend Davos 2020 in the beautiful Swiss Alps this year. Ironically enough, the theme of the year was climate change and global warming, so it was interesting to see 1800 private jets arriving at the nearby air force base the conference. An irony of which there were many that surround the reality of the whole affair. Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist – Davos 2020

Another bit of irony from the event was that Greta Thunberg and Mr. Donald Trump were both there (though the President seemed to be there to avoid the first day of his impeachment hearing!). Trump got quite a few laughs doing his “famous” Greta impression around the venue. 

The experience itself was wonderful. I would highly recommend the Seehoff in front of the conference center. Settling in by the fire after a long, hard day of propositions and pitches was lovely. Of course, the skiing, meet and greets, and prominent figures in the world of climate change were the main focus of the event. 

I have to mention the accommodation of the event itself, since most of the people in attendance talked freely about how “exclusive” it is, and how exclusionary Davos culture is in terms of the issues we need to be facing. While the public could have attended, you would have had to pay for the price of a room (upwards of $10,000 for a hostel bed, or $25,000 for a nice hotel). I stayed at the Seehoff just across from the venue, being spoiled to within an inch of my life. Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist – Davos 2020

Irony aside, it was a friendly and extremely informative event and an experience I will never forget. It just goes to show that we do, indeed, have a long way to go when it comes to issues far beyond climate change. I will miss Trumps Greta impressions if  he doesn’t make it back next year. He added a lighthearted feel tot he whole thing where you may be in danger of taking it all just a bit too seriously.

Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist - Davos
Caroline Goldsmith Psychologist – Davos

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