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Caroline Goldsmith is competent in the use of instruments, psychometric tests and protocols for Autism Testing…  call her on 087 387 6841

Psychometric testing

Autism Assessment and Intervention requires a comprehensive protocol in order to get a complete look at the needs of the person for intervention. There is usually involvement/assessment from a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) and Occupational Therapist (OT). However from a psychology point of view, an Autism Testing assessment considers the Cognitive (academic) function, Developmental profile, Adaptive functioning and an Observational piece of interaction and function.  Assessments with many professionals involved are termed Multi-disciplinary Assessments.

ADI-R – Autism Diagnostic Interview- Revised – Caroline is competent in the use and interpretation of this instrument by Pearson Clinical Assessments.  This instrument was designed to accompany the ADOS and gives good differential diagnosis for conditions which may appear to be similar to Autism but which are not. A comprehensive history and timeline of development helps to clarify and record development and characteristics which may be Autism related. The ADI-R is a parental or caregiver interview and the child does not need to be present during this interview.pearson clinical assessment

ADOS  2 – Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Caroline attended training for ADOS in the clinical setting, covering administration and interpretation at Trinity College Dublin Department of Psychiatry.  The ADOS has recently undergone extensive overhauling and updating to keep up with Autism research.  ADOS is an observational schedule where the clinician goes through certain steps with activities and observations that are designed to elicit language and communication skills, social interaction, reciprocity and observe any habits the child or adult has. The child/adult being assessed has to be present as it is an observational schedule used during Autism Testing.



VABS 2 – In the Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Survey Caroline is experienced and competent in the use of the instrument.  The VABS II is a survey which can be completed before assessment by parents teachers or caregivers and summarises adaptive functioning in the areas of communication, socialisation, daily living skills and maladaptive behaviours. The survey can give a snapshot of what is going on with adaptive function and provide pointers for intervention and improvement and is an essential part of Autism Testing,Vineland


SB5 – Stanford Binet 5 Cognitive Function Assessment competent and experienced in the administration of the instrument.  The value of using this cognitive assessment in Autism testing is that it gives a verbal and non verbal IQ score as some children will have higher on one or the other which may not be picked up as well by other tests.


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