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Welcome to the website of Ireland-based Consulting Psychologist Caroline Goldsmith

Caroline Goldsmith is a Consulting Psychologist, researcher and trainer with a private practice in Ireland.

With more than 20 years’ professional experience in the mental health service, Caroline specialises in autism diagnosis and intervention.

Caroline Goldsmith – qualifications and career development

Caroline began her journey into the mental health field with a Bachelors Programme Social Science Certificate from the Open University in 1998. Since then, Caroline has amassed a significant proportion of qualifications, including the flagship three-year Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London, graduating in 2016.

This Masters programme showed an in-depth application of cutting-edge psychometric training and was developed by Martin Seligman, former American Psychological Association (APA) President.

Ms Goldsmith published in the Journal of Neurology & Stroke in 2016, Personal and Collective Resilience Building – A Suicide Prevention Program using Positive Psychology, Consultancy Project for an Irish Secondary School.

The 2016 University of East London thesis entitled Neurodiverse V Neurotypical Strengths and Virtues and Satisfaction with Life was selected for presentation at the IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association) Conference, held in Montreal in 2017.

Latest research and current role

Ms Goldsmith’s latest research for the MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology in 2021 had a thesis, which followed on from an earlier article entitled Social Media Psychopathy (SMP). This research is breaking new ground and revealing the growing phenomenon of online psychopathy.

Caroline is a Clinical Practitioner in Ireland, where she combines her qualifications with her vast experience as a psychologist in child and adult pathology for neuro-developmental/environmental/clinical conditions that require assessment and intervention.

Psychologist, trainer and researcher

As well as her role as a psychologist, Caroline Goldsmith has a long career history as a researcher specialising in autism, through which she has studied with:

    • The Open University.
    • Newman University.
    • University of East London.
    • SETU Carlow University.
    • Trinity College Dublin.
    • University of North Carolina, USA.
    • CMIT Institute Dublin.
    • National Academy of Neuropsychology.

Founder of the Forensic Science Society of Ireland (FSSI)

In 2012, Ms Goldsmith founded the FSSI. The Society has three aims:

    1. To provide a database of forensic services in Ireland that are accessible to the public.
    2. To provide information on education that furthers understanding of forensic sciences.
    3. To engage in research into forensic topics of interest to the scientific community and the public.

Ms Goldsmith serves as a director of the society.

Ms Goldsmith – full list of qualifications

    • 2023:  Family & Child Law Certificate – SETU Carlow University.
    • 2022: PGC in PA (first offering) – Malta Higher Education Authority.
    • 2021: MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology – Newman University.
    • (Thesis – Social Media Psychopathy – we haven’t gone away we just moved)
    • 2019: BPS Accredited Certificate Occupational Ability Psychometric Testing Certified Test User.
    • 2018: Certificate in Clinical Educational Assessment – PSI Dublin.
    • 2017: Certificate Updated Counselling Techniques.
    • 2016: Certificate ADOS Clinical Setting – Trinity College, Dublin, Department of Psychiatry.
    • 2016: WPS certification in Autism Testing with ADI-R Competency.
    • 2016: MSc in Applied Positive Psychology – UEL.
    • (Thesis – Neurodiverse V Neurotypical strengths & virtues and satisfaction with life)
    • 2015: PGD – University of East London.
    • 2014: PGC – University of East London.
    • 2014: CPD BPS Certificate in Working with Children with Autism 3, Working with Adults with Autism 2, Working with Children with Autism 1.
    • 2012: Train the Trainer Certificate – Waterford Chamber of Commerce.
    • 2011: Certificate in Clinical Neuroanatomy – International Neuro-Psychological Society.
    • 2010: Certificate in Clinical Neuro-pharmacology – International Neuro-Psychology Society.
    • 2013: Diploma in Drug & Alcohol Counselling Psychology, CMIT Institute, Dublin.
    • 2012: Workplace Psych Diploma, CMIT Institute, Dublin.
    • 2011: Forensics & Criminal Psych Diploma, CMIT Institute, Dublin.
    • 1998: Bachelors Programme Social Science Certificate – Open University, UK.

Development of assessment protocols

When Ms Goldsmith started out in the field of mental health, autism assessment and intervention was very different.

Caroline says: “Back then, there were no set protocols and parents were desperately trying to raise their children with little to no support. I wanted to change this and help parents in accurately diagnosing their children, using expert evidence. But more than that, I wanted to ensure that they are supported throughout the life of the child.

“In my practice, I was working with many parents and using a variety of different approaches. Very early on, I realised the condition is far from a ‘one size fits all’ issue.”

Along with other parents, Caroline Goldsmith contributed towards the development of autism assessment protocols which have become standard practice. For more on the services offered by Caroline and how she has spent over a decade honing private assessments, head to the About Caroline Goldsmith page.

Throughout her working life, Caroline has helped a significant proportion of private clients in helping their children. To hear more from Caroline, check her Twitter profile here.

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